Blue Gene Tyranny - “Next Time Might Be Your Time”(1976)


Billy Swan - I Can Help (1974)

Billy is a solid dude with two strong arms.


Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction (1965)

Modern dance junkyard


J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Heavy Bells (2013)

No idea what he’s singing about, but I like the way he sings it.


From the LP: “Decimation Blues”

Available August 19, 2014 on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Preorder it here.

Bought a Vanity Fair at the Value Village
Green tags half off, bought some old Nike shoes
Sean Penn he was smiling from the cover
The kind of smile that says there’s nothing to lose just now

November, 1994.
My girl was ten
Someone might have been at war but I don’t know

Rang up at seven dollars fifty for the day
A few months wear for an hours pay
Rain on the windshield shone like diamonds in the sun
May 28th, and the Blazers won in OT

And Carlisle agreed that the boys had played fair
Clean in the paint, that the calls had been square
Jason Kidd and Oden were the last ones there when the cameras had gone

Sometimes it’s six to go down, three to wake up
But the days are short and the night ain’t so bad
Out in the valley I can hear the last of the trains
As from the porch I hear her calling out my name from inside

Out for the West the pioneers they ran
Through Utah and the Thunder for the gold in the land
O Harvey Milk what a wonderful man
O Harvey Milk what a wonderful man

Canned Heat - Poor Moon (1969)
“I wonder when they’re going to destroy your face”


Let’s Active - Route 67

New favorite for when I’m running late for an important date.

Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard (1969)

Shoutout to my sensitive peoples


Courtney Barnett: ‘Avant Gardener,’ Live On Soundcheck (by WNYC)



The Soft Boys – Human Music (59 plays)


The Soft Boys- Human Music

I was born with something missing
But I know your lip was made for kissing

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Kiva - Batsukh from Mongolia


Kiva - Batsukh from Mongolia

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